Sunday, February 6, 2011

------- side note. Beetles in Rows.

A problem i'm constantly confronted with during the summer months is the invasive infestation of Japanese Beetles.  These beautiful, yet destructive little bugs swarm the gardens and shrubs for miles around, killing plant after plant.
Last summer, instead of setting up some chemical filled trap for the beetles my community so earnestly defended against, i decided to get a little more creative.
After collecting a couple hundred of these little guys in a plastic tupperware container, i soaked a small sponge in a powerfully aromatic rubbing alcohol.  While keeping hawk-like attention on the rim of the tupperware in order to thwart any beetles plans of escape, i place the dripping sponge in amongst them.
The next day i woke to find a new medium in order to create with.
and here is the result: