Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is Katie.
This doesn't look like Katie.
This is Mrs. Loveitt.
This is a gypsy?
This is some more photography.


  1. i love the close up of the nose mouth and chin! it leaves everything outside of the frame up to the imagination of the viewer!

  2. Ok so you said you wanted feedback in your models.com comment...
    Do you think maybe you could talk more about the concepts you generally have?
    Your lighting setups are really good, and you seem to be very creative, yet maybe you could work a little bit on the cohesive part..I had the same problem in my first shooting, but I know what's wrong now and how to prevent it in the future.
    If you're going go tell a story through photos, this is what you have to think of : What is it that you want to express, who would be the best model to express it and most importantly HOW ...

  3. Ooo thanks martha! thats exactly what im looking for.
    To be honest, this is just one of those throw together shoots i did with a friend, and it doesnt really have a secure message. But that definitely is something i need to focus more on in the future.
    I'd really love to hear more feedback from you in the future!