Monday, December 20, 2010

The Morsel

What i promised:

I need to narrow it down a bit, and DEFINITELY needs some critiques.


  1. I like how much is going on in the images, like the overlap of textures, but i think less is more.

  2. AHHHHH you are NAILING the double exposure and i'm loving it dan!! my favorites are the fourth (i love the eye contact because there is so much that can be interpreted), the seventh (because i love the concept of you looking up at yourself and down at the same time. its especially unique in this collection and is probably my favorite!) and the eighth (because i really like the body language). overall, the ones that i like i think would look really good with a slightly darker exposure anywhere you can because i want to see everything as clear as i can unless you were purposefully doing that so i couldn't haha. but honestly dan, i am always SO impressed when i see new stuff you're coming out with and i LOVE seeing what's new!! <3 soooooooooo good :D